The Interrogatives of Another Black Man Down

When the news of tragedy circulates
perking your ears up on that WHAT
Curiosity and anxiety on
WHO it was this time
hoping it’s not somebody you know
Connecting the dots as to WHERE it occurred
knowing it doesn’t make a difference
because every inch of America’s soil
is cursed with the ghosts, blood, and bone dust of it’s sins
Then, finding out WHEN
as you go over in your mind
what you were doing at the time
to discern the changes in the air of a soul leaving it’s body
analyzing whether you felt it or not
Gathering the last bit of info as to HOW did it happen
because there’s only but so many ways they kill our men
Getting shot ain’t no surprise
but those chokeholds are savage
and straight up disrespectful
Finally there’s WHY
which no answer can justify
another Black man down
but Deuteronomy 28 speaks volumes

©Johndca Spencer 2019 All Rights Reserved

Artwork by: Kehinde Wiley